Hi! I’m New Here. :)

So…Here we are. Me and you. You and me.

This is my very first blog post! Yet here I sit…with writer’s block. It’s so stressful starting a blog when you have no clue where to begin. I mean, what if no one ever reads it (besides you and me of course…cause you ARE reading it)? What if everyone reads it and decides that they hate it? I’m not sure I know what to put into a blog, but I can tell you what you probably will NOT find here:

1. Hilarious One-Liners:  Cause I’m just not really that funny.

2. Relationship Advice:  Cause I’m not really trying to get in your business. Okay okay…I’m lying. But I’m not going to post your business on my blog. Wait…well…yeah let’s just move on to…

3. Porn:  *ahem* moving on…

4. Yourself:  Cause…well…I can’t help you find you, that’s YOUR job! Feel free to peruse my random rants and raves while you’re looking though.

Well…I’m clearly sticking it to “The Man” by taking an extra 20 minutes of lunch time to write this, so out of fear of getting axed I’ll wrap this up. Until next time ya’all.

Enjoy your day!

– Me


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