Monthly Archives: November 2012

Running on Empty


When I tell you I’m tired? I mean I’m tired. Well…maybe not tired. More like TAHD. I’ve been feeling extremely lazy lately and I can’t put my finger on the cause. I’m trying my hardest to climb out of this funk I’m in, but all I want to do is sleep…and facebook stalk random people on my friends list (I don’t need to mention that I don’t ever not have enough time for facebook, do I? If I need to, then ummm, yeah forget what I just said.). Anyways, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I’m tired. All the time. And all the time…you know the rest. Tabernacle.

Have you ever felt this way? Is this depression? Am I a hypochondriac who wants to believe it’s depression? Something is definitely up. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t been as devoted as I really want to be to this blog. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve gotta get a handle on it before I’m sliding around my house with a half-matted fro and fleece socks on…in a mumu. That’s all I got for now.

– Me

<insert your encouraging remarks here>


Doing It Well. Hopefully.

I’ve been finding every excuse in the book not to do it. I’m too busy with work. I don’t have enough money. I want to go back to school. It’s gonna take too much time. Blah blah blah. It took the passing of a high school acquaintance for me to finally realize that the only person getting in the way of my happiness is me. Life is so short. It’s even shorter than that. He might not be picture perfect, but it’s the he in “we” that makes me feel wonderful! Except when he messes up my tupperware cabinet. Then I feel nothing but rage. Wait a minute, I’m off topic here. So, without further adieu…

I’m planning a wedding…MY wedding. GOD help me.


– Me